Tuesday , May 30 2017


Membership is open to anyone with an interest in public health approaches to physical activity. For the year beginning July 2016, membership is free of charge.

The 2016 survey of needs is being analyzed. According to the 2014 survey:

Members are people working collaboratively to promote physical activity, at public health departments, universities, nonprofit agencies, school systems, local health care organizations, and elsewhere.

  • 57% of the 173 respondents work at the community level, 29% at the state level, 13% at the national level, and 1% at the international level
  • 40% work full time on physical activity
  • 70% have worked in physical activity for longer than five years, with 46% more than ten years
  • More than half have a professional public health background, and many have experience in community health education and exercise science. Quite a few are also personal trainers.
  • 79% have a Master’s or doctoral degree

Over half of respondents work with partners and build capacity to promote physical activity, echoing and reinforcing the NPAS mission of “collaborating to create active communities.”

Respondents to the survey came from 44 states, two territories, and the District of Columbia.

Conducted April 17--May 7, 2014. No federal funds were used for this survey.


Member Survey 2014 Part 1 Methodology and Results

Member Survey 2014 Part II Subgroups and Discussion

Click here for the Who Works in PAPH Poster (snapshot below) in pdf with zoom-in capability.

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