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Action Teams – National Physical Activity Society missionNational Physical Activity Society

Action Teams

Communications Action Team

Purpose: Coordinate marketing and public communication activities.


  • Serving as a resource and providing assistance to the executive director in the planning and implementation of marketing and communications plan;
  • Creating and disseminating monthly e-newsletters that contain information of professional value to Society members;
  • Creating and disseminating special edition newsletters for time sensitive or “stand alone” news;
  • Coordinating, promoting, and managing social networking venues.

Conference Planning Action Team

Purpose:  Plan and coordinate the Society’s conferences. This action team may work with a conference planner if funds allow.


  • Consulting with (staff and) the Professional Development & Training Action Team to identify training needs of the members;
  • Identifying and securing the conference venue and coordinating all elements associated with the use of that venue; including meals and breaks;
  • Coordinating with the Communications & Marketing Action Team to ensure appropriate advertisement of the conference;
  • Coordinating with the Finance Committee to outline conference expenditures within a designated budget and monitor spending within that budget;
  • Soliciting sponsors and / or exhibitors a financial support for the conference.

Public Policy Action Team

Purpose: Organize, develop, and promote efforts to engage and educate key decision makers and advocates regarding public policy* issues supporting the Society’s mission, purpose, strategic plan. (*Policy may be defined as any formalized set of rules for an organization, community, or state.)


  • Creating policy statements (e.g., briefs) that reflect best practices and the position of the Society;
  • Working with the Communications Action Team to disseminate and inform members on public policy issues and the Society’s position.

Professional Development & Training Action Team

Purposes: Use the Essentials for Public Health Physical Activity Practitioners: Core Competencies document to develop, implement and evaluate appropriate training opportunities.


  • Conducting an assessment of member needs and activities on alternate years;
  • Identifying and developing training opportunities based on the member assessment;
  • Developing, coordinating, executing, and evaluating educational webinars;
  • Coordinating the continuing education credit process with ACSM;
  • As necessary, creating a sub-group to update the PAPHS Certification exam;
  • Consulting with the Conference Planning Action Team to identify conference offerings and presenters;
  • Revising the core competencies as needed.

Fund Development Action Team

Purposes: Strengthen and support the financial health of the organization by assisting in the development and implementation of the Annual Fundraising Plan.


  • Serving as a resource and providing assistance to the Executive Director in the planning and development of the Annual Fundraising Plan, including consultation on membership fees and benefits, training fees, and other fundraising strategies.  This plan is then presented to the Finance Committee during the budgeting process and approved by the full board;
  • Helping with the implementation of the Fundraising Plan per the request of the Executive Director;
  • Assisting the Executive Director on an as-needed basis in reviewing draft grant proposals;
  • Monitoring the implementation of the annual fundraising plan and providing input and recommendations for modifications or corrective actions if needed.