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Stories from Small Towns – National Physical Activity Society missionNational Physical Activity Society

Stories from Small Towns

15 Towns of 1,500 to 20,000 People

See also Webinar featuring three stories from the 2nd edition.

bikes parked for walking in Canton

Stories from Small Towns, a project of the National Physical Activity Society, demonstrates that structural changes to make walking, active transportation, and recreation easier can be carried out in America’s thousands of small towns and not just its big cities. The project focuses on advice from towns that have made some changes, with the aim of inspiring town leaders across the country to see such infrastructure as possible and worthy.

The National Physical Activity Society is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization promoting public health approaches and collaboration to create active communities. Members include state and local health department personnel, university researchers and professors, fitness professionals interested in broader impact, nonprofits, and other interested individuals.

Any errors in the reports are solely the responsibility of the National Physical Activity Society.

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Stories from Small Towns, 2nd edition, September 2016

Eufaula, Alabama

Canton, Connecticut

Sergeant Bluff, Iowa  (featured on webinar)

Hebron, Nebraska

Davidson, North Carolina

Molalla, Oregon

Sulphur Springs, Texas  (featured on webinar)

Soap Lake, Washington (featured on webinar)

2nd edition credits page


Stories from Small Towns, 1st edition, 2015

Decorah, Iowa

Madisonville, Kentucky

Traverse City, Michigan

Brentwood, Missouri

Hernando, Mississippi

Columbia, Pennsylvania

Heber City, Utah