Wednesday , May 4 2016


Survey 2016

The National Physical Activity Society conducts this survey of Physical Activity in Public Health professionals every two years to get a sense of the needs of the profession.

Goal: Develop a thorough picture of the training and resource needs of people working toward public health approaches to physical activity.

Who should participate?

  • Anyone for whom promoting physical activity is one of their job goals at an organizational level. Examples include public health (state, local, national levels), nonprofits, technical assistance organizations, associations, school wellness, academics
  • Members, partners, and allies
  • Part-time, part of a grant, one of many duties, or full time on physical activity
  • Students welcome, though the organizational level questions might be challenging
  • PAPHS-certified individuals
  • This survey is not intended for fitness professionals who work solely one on one or with group fitness classes. The focus is on public health approaches to physical activity.

Open through May 13, 2016. Response time is estimated at 20 minutes. No federal funds are used for this survey.

Enter the 2016 Survey Here


Still unsure if it's for you?

Take a look at what we did with the last survey:





















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