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Why Join NPAS?

The U.S. National Physical Activity Society is a network of professionals working together to promote physical activity across all sectors of society. We build linkages among our members and build bridges between our members and partners.

For our members, we:

  • Represent your interests at a national level while keeping in mind your needs at the local level
  • Provide a collaborative learning environment with access to ideas, resources, and tools designed to help you succeed in your work

For our partners, we:

  • Communicate the mission and activities of your organization to our members
  • Support strategic alliances that share priorities in promoting physical activity
  • Provide opportunities to access the diverse expertise and experience of our members

Through our efforts, we seek the health, economic, and environmental benefits that result from achieving health equity and active communities.


Membership Is Free

Start here to join NPAS and be part of a growing network.
Continuing or rejoining members should also fill out the form.


Our vision is that physical activity is prioritized, embraced, and promoted for everyone in the United States.

The mission of the National Physical Activity Society is to create safe and accessible communities, where people of all ages and abilities are physically active, by taking deliberate and informed actions across all sectors of society

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