Friday , February 12 2016


Bike, Walk, Climb, Press, Run, Swim, Dance... 

Wherever you look you can find ways to be more active.

Park across the lot, walk to the store, dance while making dinner.

The National Physical Activity Society looks at how people can be more active in towns, cities, schools, neighborhoods, worksites, and on the road.

Can the kids bike or walk to school? Or have active time in class to help them learn better?

Does your work place allow extra time for walking at lunch?

How well do cities repair their sidewalks? Or time traffic lights so people with mobility issues can cross?

These and other questions are what motivate our members. We help people with public health approaches to physical activity.

Physical activity is for everyone. Being active is important for health whether or not you're trying to lose weight -- exercise is good for the body. So go for a walk.

And if you are working in this area or can be a partner or ally to physical activity professionals using public health approaches, take a look here at how we can collaborate to create active communities.

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