Thursday , September 18 2014
  • Moved to Atlanta

    The National Physical Activity Society moved to Atlanta at the beginning of 2014.

  • National Physical Activity Plan

    The National Physical Activity Plan outlines strategies needed to improve public health via physical activity. The Society is a board member of the National Physical Activity Plan Alliance.

  • APHA Physical Activity Section

    Physical Activity is one of 29 approved sections at APHA.

  • Walking in 2014

    In 2014, the physical activity community is taking a look at walkability and messages to increase walking. Visit our partner America Walks for resources.


Walk Bike to School graphic

October 8: International Walk and Bike to School Day


Some resources include National Center for Safe Routes to School, also at

Alameda County (CA) Safe Routes to School

Safe Routes to School National Partnership

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Safe Routes to School State Network Project


Slides from our August 18 webinar on California’s Safe Routes to School in rural areas:

Establishing Safe Routes to School Policies in Rural Areas: California’s Story (overview)

NPAS Rural SRTS Cirill 8.18.14

County-level presenters:

Robin SR2S Solano County 20140818

Joan who is retiring Calaveras 20140818

Stephanie SR2S Merced County 20140818

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