Saturday , January 20 2018


Executive Director Pam Eidson, MEd, PAPHS



For 25 years, Pam Eidson has translated individual health behavior to systems thinking. How can we make the healthy choice the easy choice? Our physical and social worlds affect how we behave, whether it’s the availability of safe pathways to walk to the store or the influence of coworkers who commute by bike.

Pam has been the state health promotion director in Georgia, a tobacco control entry-level coalition assistant in West Virginia, and a super-commuter to Washington, D.C. She spent 11 years with the Directors of Health Promotion & Education, from which she directed staffing for the first five years of the National Physical Activity Society’s history. She has earned Physical Activity in Public Health Specialist (PAPHS) certification.

She likes the whirlwind of keeping up with the upcoming summit of a Vermont state coordinator, the walkability success story of a small Oregon town, and the webinar recommendation from a colleague in Alabama. She synthesizes members’ expertise, partner programs, and needs assessments to produce resources and training opportunities that help people do their jobs.

Pam considered writing a book about walking every day for a leap year (July 2015-2016) but realized she liked walking better than writing.

Pam walks, reads, works, laughs, plays, and wonders in Decatur, Georgia.

“Physical activity is for everyone, not just the already fit and those trying to lose weight. The concept of being physically active has become too associated with weight loss, so much so that many people of all sizes exclude any exertion when not trying to lose weight. It’s our job to address that. For public perceptions to shift we need to meet the prevailing attitudes with astute messaging.”
--Pam Eidson, MEd, PAPHS


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