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Board nominations

The National Physical Activity Society is seeking nominations for the Board of Directors. Nominees will be selected to serve as volunteers on the Board for a three-year term beginning July 1, 2016. Our Board is interested in making sure we have a diverse skill set and that we capture a variety of voices in the community. This year, we are ... Read More »

Street Design for Accessibility

By Chris Danley Vitruvian Planning Board member, National Physical Activity Society The term “accessible” (and its offshoots) is one that gets tossed around in plans and meetings by people with great intentions. Often it gets lost in translation when it comes to practical implementation. For many, accessibility means having basic facilities in their cities to either walk or ride a ... Read More »

Musings on Research to Practice

by Pam Eidson, MEd, PAPHS, NPAS Executive Director About a decade ago, I organized a symposium on getting health promotion research into practice. Many of the Prevention Research Centers were present, along with health promotion directors from state health departments. The primary conclusion I left with: Little about the academic work environment rewards researchers for getting their findings into public ... Read More »

Fenton webinar now available

The February NPAS webinar with Mark Fenton is now available online. By special arrangement with Mark, we are posting this webinar for public access. (Most of our webinars are archived as a benefit for paid members of NPAS.) Mark has some ideas, culled from extensive experience with communities, on how we should and shouldn't promote physical activity in our communities. The ... Read More »

Slides of Physical Activity and the Cancer Continuum: What’s the Connection?

Slides from Physical Activity and the Cancer Continuum: Colleen Doyle Cancer and Phys Activ 2016   Read More »

Slides from Comprehensive School Physical Activity Programs

CSPAP School PA Zavacky NPAS These slides are available to all, with the presenter's permission. Look for the archived webinar, available to paid members of NPAS, under the Learn tab. Read More »

Agenda for NPAS Meeting

capitol dome in DC

Agenda for NPAS Meeting Wednesday, October 28, 2015 Hyatt Regency Washington 8:00 a.m. Coffee & Registration 8:30 Introductions & Meeting Purpose 9:00 Background on National Physical Activity Society 9:20 Feature Presentation: Appealing to Local Officials Elena Hoffnagle, National League of Cities Ms. Hoffnagle, coordinator with the Let's Move! Cities, Towns & Counties (LMCTC) project, will discuss strategies for engaging elected ... Read More »

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