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Announcing Scholars to the National Walking Summit

NPAS received 29 applications in a very competitive process for scholarships to attend the National Walking Summit in September in St Paul, Minnesota. With some scholars covering parts of their own travel, we were able to stretch our resources to allow for seven NPAS scholarshipees. You'll be hearing about their adventures at the National Walking Summit, as part of their scholarship requirements ... Read More »

How much PA should adults get?

How do you communicate Physical Activity Guidelines? At the mid-July advisory committee meeting for the forthcoming 2018 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, this topic of interpreting and describing the 2008 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans (key findings at bottom of page) arose. Aside from the issue that the notion of 3 days a week of aerobic exercise is still out there, ... Read More »

Let’s Talk about the Weather

Summer at beach2016

Let’s talk about the weather. In designing physical activity interventions -- or even personal plans -- outdoor conditions are more than just small talk. Northern states in many months must consider snow pile on sidewalks, dangerously low temperatures, and impossibility of bicycling. Some larger places like Minneapolis have interconnected covered walking systems that allow freedom of movement without concern for ... Read More »

What is a practitioner?

The National Physical Activity Society grew out of an organization that was originally, circa 2006, called the National Society for Physical Activity Practitioners in Public Health1. About five years ago the board determined that “in Public Health” was too limiting. With the proliferation of organizations and professions around the country contributing to physical activity, the board realized that the organizational ... Read More »

Poster and Slide Show: Survey of PAPH

image of poster

Open the poster image as a pdf to zoom in on the image: Poster NPAS Feb 2016 What's missing PAPH workforce ALR. Results of the 2016 member survey describe professionals in the physical activity and public health (PAPH) workforce and identify top training needs. The poster describes the longevity and advanced education of participants. More than 90% of respondents are white, ... Read More »

Physical Activity Recommendations: Then, Now, and What to Expect in the Near Future

by Marzell I Gray, NPAS Board Member Physical activity is movement that elevates the heart above normal resting states.  The question that is asked a lot is: What is the difference between physical activity and exercise?  Exercise is planned, structured, and repetitive activity. Physical activity typically involves day to day movements that in response, increase heart rate beyond the resting ... Read More »

Blog Post: Ten Reasons to Be Optimistic 

from the November/December 2016 newsletter Dear Physical Activity Professional, We are living in changing times. In predictions about future public health funding, uncertainty appears to be the word of the day. In that light, I offer the following points of optimism for our field:  Funding for physical activity strategies in public health has never been commensurate with their potential impact. Yet ... Read More »

Member Editorial: Implementing School Physical Activity

The Great Unknown: Best Practices for the Implementation of Comprehensive School Physical Activity Programs Justin B. Moore, PhD, MS, FACSM NPAS Member Although few things are known in science, as it relates to public health practice, we know with a high degree of certainty about physical activity and youth. For example, physical activity promotes health in youth, most youth spend ... Read More »

Physical Activity and Public Health Course, September 2016

By Pam Eidson, MEd, PAPHS If you’ve taken one of these courses over the past two decades, you might think of it as the course that took place in Hilton Head island or Park City, Utah. This year, the first I attended, they’ve moved to Columbia, South Carolina, home of the sponsoring University of South Carolina. Arguably an opportunity for ... Read More »

We want to hear from you!

Free Webinar Move US More: NPAS Unveils Upcoming Activities, Free Membership, & More August 15, 2016 | 1:00 pm EDT Register here It's been quite awhile since we have held a webinar to update on activities of the National Physical Activity Society, and this time we have something truly exciting to offer: Free Membership! The board has decided to suspend ... Read More »

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