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Pam Eidson is executive director of the National Physical Activity Society.

Recording: Activity Advocates: NCPPA

Note from NPAS: This webinar is different from most of our webinars. NPAS frequently addresses ‘little p policies,’ such as zoning policy or worksite wellness or safe routes to school. This webinar addresses so-called “Big P Policy”: What’s happening at the national level on legislative issues. No federal funds are used in the making of this webinar. However, the webinar ... Read More »

Webinar: Health Equity & Nat’l Plan

Webinar: The US National Physical Activity Plan -- Strategies to Achieve Health Equity June 19, 2017 Apologies for the audio issues on this recording. Sound begins at 25 seconds after start, and there's a 2-minute interruption of the Q&A at about 40 minutes. On the bright side, the recording did work after initially indicating that it wouldn't! Linked recording of ... Read More »

Let’s Talk about the Weather

Summer at beach2016

Let’s talk about the weather. In designing physical activity interventions -- or even personal plans -- outdoor conditions are more than just small talk. Northern states in many months must consider snow pile on sidewalks, dangerously low temperatures, and impossibility of bicycling. Some larger places like Minneapolis have interconnected covered walking systems that allow freedom of movement without concern for ... Read More »

Webinar on Demand: “The Power of Saying “Yes We Can”: Healthy Community Design in Vermont’s Small Towns”

Webinar: The Power of Saying “Yes We Can”: Healthy Community Design in Vermont's Small Towns    View on Demand:   When:  May 15, 2017 1:00 PM EDT Description: In small, rural towns, where individuals wear many hats and have a variety of expertise, big change can happen, often starting with a small group of dedicated individuals with vision and ... Read More »

Webinar: Active Schools

Webinar: The Active Schools Movement: Strategic Plan for 2017-2020 View the webinar here   Slides: Active Schools Deck for NPAS Webinar  Originally broadcast:  Apr 17, 2017 1:00 PM EDT   Description: In its four years, Active Schools (formerly Let’s Move! Active Schools) has enrolled almost 23,000 K-12 schools serving over 12 million students. Active Schools had heeded the call to make it ... Read More »

Scholarships to the National Walking Summit

The National Physical Activity Society is offering scholarships to attend the National Walking Summit in St Paul, Minnesota, September 13-15, 2017. Purpose The National Physical Activity Society is a sponsor of the 2017 National Walking Summit. As part of our professional development, NPAS is creating a scholarship program to offer five (5) full scholarships to the summit. The primary purposes ... Read More »

What is a practitioner?

The National Physical Activity Society grew out of an organization that was originally, circa 2006, called the National Society for Physical Activity Practitioners in Public Health1. About five years ago the board determined that “in Public Health” was too limiting. With the proliferation of organizations and professions around the country contributing to physical activity, the board realized that the organizational ... Read More »

Partner Webinar 3/29: Planning and Community Health

National Physical Activity Society is partnering with the American Planning Association for a special webinar. This webinar is primarily for people in the planning profession but is open to NPAS members, too. NPAS's president, Chris Danley, a planner with Alta Planning & Design, will discus his experiences working at the intersection of planning and public health. This session will include ... Read More »

Webinar 3/20: PA Guidelines development

Developing the Second Edition of the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans When:  Mar 20, 2017 1:00 PM EDT Watch the recorded Webinar Description: This presentation will review the process for developing the second edition of the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, including the role of the Advisory Committee and the role of the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. It ... Read More »

Poster and Slide Show: Survey of PAPH

image of poster

Open the poster image as a pdf to zoom in on the image: Poster NPAS Feb 2016 What's missing PAPH workforce ALR. Results of the 2016 member survey describe professionals in the physical activity and public health (PAPH) workforce and identify top training needs. The poster describes the longevity and advanced education of participants. More than 90% of respondents are white, ... Read More »

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