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Webinar: Let the Tots Play: Adventures in Early Childhood Physical Activity

Let the Tots Play: Adventures in Early Childhood Physical Activity

Originally broadcast:
Monday, November 20, 2017

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Hear from two states, New Hampshire and Texas, using different approaches to increasing early childhood physical activity. From self-assessment and mini-grants to designing outdoor learning environments, these states are helping young kids to get more active.

Cari Browning is an experienced health professional with almost 20 years of experience in health and recreation program development, implementation, and management for children, adults, and older adults as well as international policy development and public health analysis. Ms. Browning has served as the Physical Activity Coordinator for the Texas Department of State Health Services for the last five years where she has developed a statewide network for improving childcare outdoor learning environments and provides ongoing technical assistance for various other projects related to physical activity and obesity in worksite, childcare, school, and community settings.

Scot Foster began his public health career in 2009 as the physical activity coordinator for the New Hampshire Obesity Prevention Program, and added nutrition and sodium reduction to his list of duties when the 1305 grant arrived in 2013. Scot works primarily with licensed child care programs, schools, and community settings to increase opportunities for physical activity and access to healthy foods.
Scot is a Virgo and enjoys taking long walks on New Hampshire’s short beaches during New Hampshire’s extremely short summers.

Additional material from Cari Browning: 

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