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Webinar: Active People, Healthy Nation and NPAS Plans

DOUBLE HEADER Broadcast Sep 18, 2017 :

  1. Active People, Healthy Nation: CDC's Physical Activity initiative
  2. NPAS Strategic Priorities 2017-2018

Watch recorded webinar:

[Sound begins at 1:15.]



The CDC's Physical Activity & Health Branch talks about Active People, Healthy Nation, an initiative to help Americans move to the next level of physical activity. The presentation will highlight the role of public health.

Then, NPAS president Brian Coyle shares the board's strategic plan for 2017-2018, which supports members and partners and provides continuing education to help build the active and healthy nation.

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Active People Healthy Nation CDC_APHN Factsheet_At-a-Glance_May 2017_508

Active People Healthy Nation CDC_APHN Factsheet_Public Health May 2017_508


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PA Friendly Zoning Codes:

MPO Case Studies on Walking and Biking:

YMCA Walking Promotion:

CDC PA Fact Sheets:

Safe Routes State Report Cards:

Bicycling and Walking Benchmarking Report:

CDC Community Health Media Database:


NPAS Strategic Priorities can be found on the front page on this web site.

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Pam Eidson is executive director of the National Physical Activity Society.

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