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Poster and Slide Show: Survey of PAPH

Poster and Slide Show: Survey of PAPH

Open the poster image as a pdf to zoom in on the image: Poster NPAS Feb 2016 What's missing PAPH workforce ALR.

Results of the 2016 member survey describe professionals in the physical activity and public health (PAPH) workforce and identify top training needs. The poster describes the longevity and advanced education of participants. More than 90% of respondents are white, indicating a need for more diversity in the PAPH workforce. 80% respondents do not spend all of their time on physical activity. For 3 out of 5, physical activity doesn't comprise half the job. Top identified training needs are evaluation (especially checklists for interventions), leadership (including cultivating local champions), making the case for community-wide policy or built environment activities, and rural areas.

A slide show on the 2016 survey can be downloaded here: NPAS 2016 survey slide show annotated.

Poster presented at the Active Living Research Conference, February 2017. Slide show presented at the 2016 PAPH course and at CDC's National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention & Health Promotion in 2017.

About Pam Eidson

Pam Eidson is executive director of the National Physical Activity Society.

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